"A word on the spot is worth a cartload of recollections"
James Maggs, Southwold diarist 1797-1890

Saturday, 3 March 2012


We leave Senja tomorrow for Lavangen, on the mainland. Here are a few things that struck me and I jotted down while we've been here:

Peaks shaped like great broken teeth guarding the entrance to Ersfjord 
Lithuanian generosity
An eagle standing on the road, clutching a fish, head in profile watching our approach 
White houses in the snow, welcoming lights in all the windows 
The smell of fish around Senjahopen harbour
The sky bruised with snow clouds over a gunmetal sea
A seal watching us from the middle of a fjord
The green glow of Aurora Borealis over Mefjordvær village 
Walking on seaweed-covered boulders, in snowshoes

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