"A word on the spot is worth a cartload of recollections"
James Maggs, Southwold diarist 1797-1890

Saturday, 10 March 2012


The thought was to go to Sordalen and climb Rubber today. We are suffering severe motivational difficulties though.

Last night There was a weather warning for much of Norther Norway, for heavy rain/snow early morning, but the weather hasn't materialised. Yet. Oh well, if we are VERY lucky the weather will go pear-shaped on the drive. Then we can turn around and go back to bed.


  1. After lots of cold weather down here, we seem to be in for the first proper thaw - above freezing through the nights as well during the day. So if it gets really wild keep your heads down and watch out for avalanches!

    Have fun and take care.

    1. I bet you are looking forward to mild weather. We are hoping for a temperature drop for the last few days. The low level ice is dripping , though still good higher up. Big dump of snow is forecast for Monday/night so yes we'll be careful!