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James Maggs, Southwold diarist 1797-1890

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Whatever your persuasion, vote!

The latest polls indicate a hung parliament with the Tories just short of a majority. Labour are obviously stuffed, in good part because so many people are just bored and want something new.

How solid are the recent Lib Dem poll advances? My guess is that, when people come to put their X in the box, more will vote Tory than are indicated by the polls, and that Cameron will gain a narrow majority. I hope I'm wrong.

Mock posters courtesy of mydavidcameron.com.

Update at 09:00 on 8 May:
So the LibDem poll lead evaporated - more so even than I expected - but I was wrong to assume that would lead to a Tory majority. Britain hasn't endorsed Cameron, which is a good reason to be cheerful.
Can the Tories and LibDems agree to form a coalition government? I can't see it. Cameron prime minister of a minority government, then, probably supported by the Lib Dems - and with an eye on an early general election. Where will that leave the economy?

Update 12 May:
Wrong again! A Lib-Con coalition it is. Brown's gone, and I feel sorry for him. He and Labour have done a lot for the country. This has been a very strange few days.

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